EU set to ban plasma TV screens

Posted on Jan 12 2009 - 3:31am by David Gray

aplasma.jpgThe last few years have seen a major increase in the popularity of plasma TV screens with products getting larger and larger and offering enormous viewing power. However, the EU has apparently taken note of the power consumption levels of these machines, which can often be many times that of a traditional TV. In this day of “environmental correctness” it appears that the EU is currently looking at new regulations to stop the production of plasma screen TVs in favour of more eco-friendly products. So what next?

The EU seems to be taking more and more of a hold in the area of technology and home equipment across the UK. We have seen the elimination of 100 W light bulbs in favour of more eco-friendly (although very much dimmer) light bulbs with the smaller variety of traditional light bulb also set to be phased out over the next few years. However, many people have spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds on brand-new plasma TVs only to learn that they could well be a dying breed which will impact upon the repair and maintenance of such equipment. Has the EU gone too far?

It seems crazy that the EU is attacking areas such as light bulbs and TVs when air travel around the world continues to grow, attracting more and more environmental damage and CO2 emissions. However, it appears that the UK consumers (and the general European consumer) are very much easy prey for these European “do-gooders”.

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