“European-Centric” Football Manager 2011 Out For Bonfire Night

Posted on Sep 22 2010 - 7:38am by Matt Jackson

The Collyer Brothers are still throwing out popular football management titles and while a Screen Digest analyst has billed Football Manager titles including the next release, Football Manager 2011, as being European Centric it’s highly likely that the game will hit the top of the charts in most countries over here at least for a while. It will also attract considerably less marketing compared to Halo and Call of Duty titles while attracting a fanatical following.

Football Manager 2011 is the sixth game in this title and is the 18th football management game designed by the Collyer Brothers. The pair were responsible for creating the Championship Manager series including Championship Manager 4 which remains one of the fastest selling PC titles of all time.

In its latest incarnation, Football Manager 11 enjoys the usual player database update and there’s also a new negotiation system but other than these few changes it’s pretty much business as usual for one of the most popular sports series in the UK and other European countries.

Having worked on the Championship Manager series, The brothers split from British publisher Eidos in 2003 and set up the now ludicrously popular Football Manager series. The two series actually competed for a short while, but as Championship Manager lost its fans, Football Manager gained them in droves and this is pretty much how things have remained in the football management simulation world ever since.

The Football Manager games are complex and involved (maybe that’s why they’re not so popular in certain other countries) but the hardest thing for a title of this stature is finding improvements to make. Many of them are minor changes, aside from the obvious annual update to teams.

Will you be buying Football Manager when it’s released on 5th November?

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