Exspect Time Speaker Dock for iPhone Review

Posted on Nov 3 2010 - 11:45am by Richard Sharp

Exspect are known for their innovative products, we have featured many of their iPhone and iPad cases in the past, both of which have always been attractive and functional. We were therefore extremely excited when they sent us the ‘Time Speaker Dock’ to look play with.

When mated with the iPhone  the dock takes on the form of an analogue clock, it would look at home anywhere around the house but the addition of a fully functional alarm with essential snooze button makes the dock an ideal bed side clock. The dock looks amazing and would fit in well with any style of room, whether that is retro chic or ultra modern – this thing looks cool anywhere.

As soon as you dock your iPhone it will automatically prompt you to download an app for the dock, this is totally free and allows your iPhone to take on the form of a clock face and perform various other useful tasks.

The app lets you access the in-built music player, set alarms and even has a radio function. All of this performs well without unneeded bells and whistles. There is also a basic remote similar to that that comes with the Logitech dock – you can mute, dim the backlight, power, control volume, pause and skip – simple but effective. You can also switch off the alarm with the remote, I like the idea of that in principle but am sure it would make the idea of an alarm clock a little less effective.

The sound is good for what it is, if you are after a full blown iPod dock with booming sound then this probably not the gadget for you. However, the sound is more than loud and clear enough for the bedroom and is certainly better than any clock radio I’ve ever tested. The Exspect ‘Time speaker dock’ costs £49.99 and could be the ideal present for the gadget lover who has everything – Christmas is around the corner after all.

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