F1 2010 Overtakes Halo: Reach Already

Posted on Sep 27 2010 - 10:48pm by Matt Jackson

Halo: Reach was released amidst a storm of predictions over how many weeks, or months, the title would sit at the top of the charts and within the first 48 hours it had already smashed records aplenty but it seems that the game billed by Microsoft as being the biggest shooter of the year just… well… isn’t as it has already been toppled from its perch after just one week by the admittedly awesome looking F1 2010.

There’s a reasonable chance of another shakeup in the coming week, and don’t be too surprised to see Halo: Reach back at the top in a week’s time but for now revel in the number of new releases that are actually in the charts.

As well as F1 2010 at number 1, Dead Rising 2 has entered at number 3 and the new Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has hit what is a lowly new entry position for them at just number 6. Final Fantasy XIV is another new entry in at number 10 rounding off what makes for refreshing reading compared to the last couple of months with scant new entries and very little to shout about for gamers.

For PC gamers, there’s Civilization V making a new entry in a respectable fourth place considering it’s not been released on any consoles. Sports Champions also debuts at number 5 and that;s only available for use with the Playstation Move.

That’s quite a diverse range of new entries and while Halo: Reach is undoubtedly a great game and part of a great franchise of games, it makes for quite pleasant reading seeing it stricken from its top spot after such a short space of time.

It could show a decline in popularity for the Microsoft title or, perhaps more realistically, it could show our love for sports has won out over our love for shooting the bits out of everything.

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