Facebook adds content previews to its comments section

Posted on Jul 22 2011 - 11:27am by Robert

Facebook announced yesterday that when a user posts a URL in a comment, a preview of the content will be shown in-line. It is very much like posting a link to your wall, only it is done in the comments section of every post.

This new feature was announced by the social networking giant through a caption to a Wall Photo, which said, “Today we are launching a commenting feature that allows you to embed videos, photos, or web sites in comments just by including a URL. Your comment will include a video player, a thumbnail of a photo, or a brief overview of the web site being linked to. If you prefer your comment without the preview, you can remove the preview with one click.”

The ability to post rich content in comments should make the comments section feel more engaging, and it will enable users to know the content of the site before they click it. This, too, will increase site referral traffic to third party websites.

Although the new feature is meant to be a convenient way to share content with users, website Inside Facebook said that this new feature could result in a “new breed of spam.”

“Disruptive parties could mark up phishing or other scam sites with Open Graph tags that make previews of them look innocent in order to trick users into clicking,” wrote Inside Facebook. “Alternatively, spammers could use the markup to push eye-grabbing previews that get their message across without requiring users to click. Facebook may need to implement comment preview anti-spam systems to prevent these behaviors.”

Do you think Facebook needs tighter anti-spam features, especially when they roll out new features?


via: Mashable

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