Facebook Break Up Stats

Posted on Nov 4 2010 - 1:09pm by Matt Jackson

It sounds like a weird new app for Facebook users we know, but really it’s a slightly intriguing piece of research done by journalist David McAndless. Apparently as repoted on CNN he and another colleague scraped together 10,000 Facebook status updates searching for the terms “breakup” and “broken up” in a bid to find out which time of year is the most likely for people to break up with their loved ones and the results showed that there were two major spikes just after Valentines Day and coming up to spring break.

There’s also a slight spike about two weeks before Christmas although a lull does follow that for the actual Christmas period. Apparently, then, there’s a lot of people that break up with partners just before Christmas giving them a two week break to get over it while ensuring that it isn’t necessary to buy them a Christmas gift. There’s also a lot of us that clearly don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone.

Monday is the most common day for partners to dump their loved ones which could be a sign of depression or it could be a sign that people get up to relationship damaging activities over the weekend. You’re safest during summer and autumn so rest easy for the next few weeks.

Christmas Day is, accoridng to McCandless the least likely day to get dumped.

There’s Facebook stats for just about everything now, and while some are released by the social network themselves others come from companies and individuals that seem to have a bit of a weird obsession with using the data that they can collect from Zuckerberg’s baby.

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