Facebook employee accidentally reveals new music feature

Posted on Sep 22 2011 - 3:15pm by Julius

A new feature of Facebook’s highly-anticipated music service has been revealed thanks to a Twitter post from a high level employee.

Ji Lee, a Google creative director that was pirated by Facebook in April, prematurely tweeted about a new, unannounced feature of the social network’s music service.

“The ‘Listen with your friend’ feature in ticker is blowing my mind. Listen to what your friends are listening. LIVE,” the Facebook employee posted earlier. Within minutes, the tweet was deleted, but not before someone grabbed a screenshot.

Lee is expected to describe a key feature of Facebook Music, which will be unveiled at the company’s F8 Developers conference. The new feature will let users listen to whatever song their Facebook friends are listening to in real time. This will appear on the newly-launched ticker on the right-side of the home page, where there will be a link to “Listen with your friend.” When clicked, it will enable users to listen along to the track at the same time.

The new feature is obviously live on Lee’s Facebook page, as earlier in the day, the creative director posted a status message, saying: “Ji Lee is listening to Black & Blue by Mike Snow and feeling happy it’s another beautiful sunny day in California.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will unveil the Facebook Music during the “read, watch and listen” theme at the F8 developers conference on September 22. He is also expected to announce changes to the “Like” button, enabling developers to create their own verbs to replace it.


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