Facebook iPad app Nears Completion

Posted on Jun 17 2011 - 2:01pm by Richard Sharp

Ever wondered why there is no official Facebook app for the iPad? So have we, and so have the team at Facebook. If rumours are true, an official Facebook app for the iPad and iPad 2 is just mere weeks away.

The app has been in developments for the last year, with Mark Zuckerberg heading the project himself. That would mean initial designs would have been available mere months after the original iPad went on sale. Since then there would have been many versions and numerous redesigns, but now it seems Mr.Z is happy enough to unveil the app. But what will it feature?

If reports on T3 are true, a new interface will reflect much of the functionality seen on the actual website users would access over Safari. The homepage will be optimized for ipad use with a different layout and a few additional features. Apparently Facebook chat will be given a fresh lick of paint and groups and services will be better integrated.

Apple has become rather stringent of late when websites submit apps that offer no added functionality when compared to the website, so it will have to offer something different (that’s if Apple keeps a level playing field for large and small sites alike).

Jamie Schopflin, Facebook’s coms manager explained a special relationship with Apple,”We have a great relationship with Apple that is exemplified by our iPhone application, but with regards to an iPad application we have nothing to announce now, and cannot comment on future Facebook products.”

Do you think Facebook needs a native Apple app? If so, what features would you like to see?

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