Facebook is now the world’s largest photo library

Posted on Sep 20 2011 - 10:09pm by Julius

Photo sharing site 1000 Memories revealed just how big Facebook, which now has 375 billion photos, is as a photo site compared to other services such as Instagram and Flickr.

In a revealing article posted in the site, it states that around 375 billion photos could be captured in a year if everyone took at least 150 photos in that one year. It goes on to say that around 70 billion photos will be uploaded to social networking site Facebook this year, which amounts to around 20 percent of all photos that will be taken by people.

The article shows that Facebook has already stored 140 billion photos, which is 10,000 times the photos in the Library of Congress.

“Digital cameras are now ubiquitous – it is estimated that 2.5 billion people in the world today have a digital camera,” said the report. “If the average person snaps 150 photos this year that would be a staggering 375 billion photos. That might sound implausible but this year people will upload over 70 billion photos to Facebook, suggesting around 20 percent of all photos this year will end up there. Already Facebook’s photo collection has a staggering 140 billion photos, that’s over 10,000 times larger than the Library of Congress.”

According to the site, humanity has taken a total of 3.5 trillion photos, and right now, we snap as many photos every two minutes as the whole humanity took in the 1800s.

The study also shows that the number of analog photos taken each year has seen a decline from the year 2000. It has now dropped from 86 billion to 4 billion, the same amount of photos taken in the mid-1960s.


via: 1000 Memories

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