Facebook rolls out “Translate” feature

Posted on Oct 7 2011 - 1:45am by Julius

Social network site Facebook has quietly rolled out a new translation feature last night, aiming to break language barriers between users from different countries. The new service, which uses Bing Translate, enables users to translate contents from Facebook Pages, like comments and posts, into their chosen language.

Any public page that is not in a user’s native language can be translated by clicking on the “Translate” button on the post. Users will have the option to improve the generated translation as well.

“When someone clicks on the translate button on a public Page post, a Bing translation will appear in a popout window,” Facebook said in a statement. “People then have the opportunity to submit their own translation by opting-in to using inline translations. After their generated translation has received enough positive votes, it will replace the Bing translation and will appear each time someone clicks on the translate button associated with the post.”

The company is also aiming to improve its machine-based translations with the help of its users. When the Translate link is clicked, a pop-up window appears, inviting users to give a more accurate translation. After enabling the translation tool, users can just right click on the post and type their translation into the text field. If the translation gets enough positive votes, it could replace the original translation from Bing.

Administrators are also shown a “Manage Translations” link, where they are allowed to approve translations or offer their own. Users that give spammy or abusive translations can be blocked by the administrators.


via: Inside Facebook

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  1. naturegal1954 May 14, 2012 at 9:52 pm - Reply

    Bing translation stinks. It's as difficult to understand as the foreign language it is supposed to decipher.

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