Facebook testing tranlsate feature for comments

Posted on Sep 5 2011 - 10:51pm by Robert

According to a Facebook enthusiast site, a translate feature for comments are being tested by the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook.

The Inside Facebook website said that Facebook users have spotted “Translate” buttons in some parts of the service that use other languages.

“In tests that we and others are now seeing on some parts of the site (only on Pages, at this point), comments in languages other than your account’s current one now include ‘Translate’ button next to them,” Inside Facebook said. “If you click on the button, the comment is automatically translated to your account language. The Translate button is then replaced by ‘Original,’ which if clicked will untranslate the comment.”

The translate function appears to be available in only a number of languages, which include French, Spanish, Chinese and Hebrew. The site also mentioned that the function is not yet perfected, as error messages such as “There is no translation available for this story at the moment” show up in some cases.

There is still no indication of how this feature will work for those users who adopted some of the service’s weird languages, like “Pirate” and “l33t.”

The site said that users don’t understand everything written on a page so they rely on translation tools like Google Translate. The feature is currently working for Pages now, and the site seems to be focusing on working on it.

“The feature could have far-reaching consequences for how people use Facebook, if not how they understand the rest of the world. We’ll see how the company decides to expand it from here,” the site said.


via: Gizmodo

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