Fact or fiction – men prefer a good video game to sex?

Posted on Apr 5 2009 - 11:43pm by Richard Sharp

A recent survey by a PlayStation3 price comparison site, PS3 price compare.co.uk seems to show that a worryingly high proportion of British men in particular PlayStation3 owners, prefer to play their computer games console than indulge in any bedroom activity with their significant others. The site states that 72% of the 1,130 men questioned in their PlayStation3 video games survey concurred that they would in fact prefer to play a new release video game release than have sex with their partners. The PlayStation3 games resource site also said that over a third of those questioned would prefer to play their video games than make love. Clearly this worrying result is not a scientifically based study and is more for fun, though what fun the wives or girlfriends are having remains to be seen!

All the team here at Gadgets and Gizmos agree that the PlayStation3 provides fun and excitement by the bucket load but can’t quite see the attraction compared to an early night and some moments of passion, still each to their own. That said the allure of Resident Evil 5 or Killzone 2 is pretty strong, and with new releases like Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 or Wheelman then the argument does gains some strength.

There is yet to be officially confirmed that marriages between men and PlayStation3 machines will become legal but we will of course keep you informed if things should change in this arena! However we are well aware that playing a Linden Research Game called ‘Second Life’ can end in divorce. Amy Taylor and David Pollard divorced in 2008 citing ‘unreasonable behaviour’ as the cause. Mr Pollards virtual world character Dave Barmy was caught in a compromising situation with another Second Life woman, clearly Ms Taylor felt that Pollard was being virtually unfaithful to her Second Life persona Laura Skye. What is the virtual world coming to!

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  1. JournalRhythm April 6, 2009 at 4:46 am - Reply

    to kill that last demon and watch your girl leavin'?

    or ditch heavy guns for some heavy breathin'?

    to rock the headboard or leave her sleepin'?

    to lock the door or unlock achievements?

    I wrote a song about this article:

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