Ferrari California Pictures Unveiled

Posted on May 16 2008 - 1:29pm by Richard Sharp

Ferrari CaliforniaWhile the Ferrari California won’t be officially unveiled until the Paris Motor Show on 1st October, the official website has some glorious images and incredible sounds of the new convertible Grand Tourer. It might just be me but while the pictures look incredible, the greatest thing has to be the sound.

You can hear and see the awesome power of the next Ferrari masterpiece and I strongly urge you to check it out. As if the roar isn’t enough, there’s a downloadable PDF giving you the run down and figures so you can salivate for the next 5 months until it becomes available and you can stop dreaming (because like the vast majority of the world’s population you’ll never see one, let alone own one).

The 7-speed gearbox and mid-front mounted (a Ferrari first) 4.3l V8 engine delivering an astonishing 460hp at 7,500rpm. I can’t stress enough just how throatily beautiful that V8 sounds and it ensures that you can get up to a speed of 62mph in less than 4 seconds.

Everything about the California is top of the range. The aluminium body and chassis, an innovative multilink suspension, F1 traction control system, and those oh-so vital Brembo brakes scream luxury from every orifice. The California will only be available as a hard top convertible, but I’m sure there won’t be too many complaints about that.

Ferrari California Ferrari California Ferrari California

Take a look at the Ferrari California website (did we mention that you can listen to it roar?) and wait until the official unveiling in October. Alternatively, just dribble of the pictures we’ve provided and wait for us to update with you more news as and when it becomes available.

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