Ferrari World home of the Worlds fastest Roller Coaster

Posted on Nov 22 2010 - 11:41pm by Richard Sharp

Formula Rossa is a sleek looking roller coaster which is part of the brand new Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi- a gadget filled high tech theme park that cost billions of dollars to create. Not only does it look quick but in fact it is the quickest in the world with speeds up to 150 mph and forces similar to that of a real formula 1 car.

Much like Rita at Alton Towers the coaster starts with a huge leap of speed, the Formula Rossa beats Rita hands down taking only two seconds to hit 100 KPH – that’s half a second quicker with up to 1.7 G’s.

The whole experience is based on a formula 1 car with riders being subjected to speed, gut wrenching turns combined with the cool styling of a bright red Ferrari F1 racer. The forces are obviously not as great as a real racing car but judging by Fernando Alonso’s and team mate Felipe Massa’s reactions its easily as scary.

The addition of Ferrari world is just one more addition to a place that is fast becoming one of the most technological advanced places in the world. Not only do they have a ski slope in the middle of the desert but also the coolest looking theme park and roller coaster on earth.

What do you think of the Formula Rossa roller coaster?

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