Fetch TV SmartBox 8000 Freeview+ Digital TV Recorder Review

Posted on Jul 19 2010 - 3:58pm by Rob

Why would you want a Fetch TV SmartBox 8000 Freeview+ Digital TV Recorder box? Well, maybe for the access to a lot of extra channels. Or maybe to let you record and pause live TV. Or maybe….ah wait, you are going to have to read the full review to find out more.


If you are looking for a cheeky little box to suit snugly above or below your television then you will be happy with this pretty little model.

Notable Specifications

Let’s take this one by one, so we don’t miss anything;

1)    Freeview access.

2)    A recorder which lets you record or pause live TV.

3)    Connectivity options which let you hook up to most things and also allow you to export save data onto a USB drive when you exceed the 160GB storage space.

4)    The ability to connect to a broadband line and get access to things like on demand moves and BBCi player.


If your favourite reviewer told you that £184 is enough to get you a Fetch TV SmartBox 8000 Freeview+ Digital TV Recorded you might think that it was a lie. If he then mentioned free delivery you would probably accuse him of drinking himself silly with the old strawberry wine again. But it’s all true. Really.


This is a nice little box which has been well designed, does a lot of things well and is on offer at a very reasonable price.

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