FIFA head talks about the new FIFA 12 Career Mode

Posted on Jul 13 2011 - 4:39pm by Thomas Sharp

EA Sports has released a first look at FIFA 12’s new career mode through the FIFA Soccer Blog.

EA Sports has declared that the Career Mode will be a key priority for the release of FIFA 12, adding more realism with players losing their morale and complaining to football clubs over poor team form and lack of games.

In an interview with video game website Spong, FIFA head David Rutter said: “In FIFA 11 we had the first year of Career Mode as it stood then, and we had kind of homogenised Be A Pro Mode, Manager Mode and the Player Manager Mode into that. Really, what we came up with in that year was a game in which you interacted with the world, but the world didn’t really interact back with you.”

He added, “This year it’s been very much a case of increasing those simulation aspects that allow the manager AI to do stuff to you in an unpredictable way – so sometimes the team will come in for your star player well under his valuation and then increase it. Sometimes they’ll come in with a massive offer, which you’ll accept, and they won’t have the money to follow through on the deal. Things that might happen in the real world of football can now happen in FIFA 12.”

When asked if the game’s career mode interface will veer too close to Football Manager, he said: “I think I’d be very happy if we veered close enough to Football Manager! I think that game is fantastic, but I think it services a lot of dedication and hardcore spirit that we’re quite some way away from yet. We are catering simply to the people who play FIFA a lot, and want that kind of twitch experience with the bonus of a comprehensive management experience on the side.”

Player form, morale, growth and stories have been reworked, so the player has to manage his team carefully or risk losing the morale of players.

Will this add or detract from gameplay?


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  1. steve August 23, 2011 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    Brilliant, I think this will improve off the pitch manager mode, Hopefully they have touched on things like wage budgets and transfer budget so that you can get more money in, also youth devolpment and scouting, with any luck they have also made it so the player can decide whether to loan a player or buy him, in fifa 11 if you brought someone expensive like kaka rooney or so on if you decided to sell him you couldnt as no club would be interested and other players you brought you may spend say 10 million on a season later you wouldnt get that sort of money back even if he had improved and gone up in value? cant wait for fifa 12!!

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