Find Lost Items Like The Parked Car And Your Grandma With The Loc8tor

Posted on May 19 2008 - 6:05pm by Richard Sharp

Locate Lost Items With The Loc8torGadget theft is officially on the rise, so attention will naturally turn towards personal security items (our attention certainly will, anyway, for at least this post). While the loc8tor (I’m trying my best to avoid the flagrant attempt goad me into commenting on the use of text talk) isn’t specifically going to hep prevent your items from being stolen it will help you find them once it happens. It’ll even warn you when something goes astray – including children and, as per the Loc8tor website, a parked car!

The loc8tor is a light and sleek design, roughly the size of a credit card so will slot happily into most pockets. By attaching a radio tag to any device that you want to protect, the loc8tor will then be able to guide you to that device using both audio and visual clues; namely beeping and arrows.

Locating objects to within a couple of inches, it has a range of up to 122m, although that’s apparently only applicable for remote airplanes that you’ve lost up a tree (come now, we’re certain that’s happened to everybody).

All jokes (no matter how poor they may be) aside, the loc8tor is a genuinely useful piece of kit in certain circumstances. Some of us are simply more prone to losing or misplacing items and it would prove cheaper to invest the £50 it costs to protect two items than to replace, for example, your iPod and your iPhone.

Although, in all honesty, it would be cheaper to pay for around the clock protection provide by an elite squadron of SAS security than to replace an iPhone. And you’ve probably got more chance of finding one.

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