Firefox 4 Will Be 20 Times Quicker Apparently

Posted on Aug 29 2008 - 8:53pm by Richard Sharp

Firefox 4 Will Be QuickerMozilla’s Firefox browser has already made converts of a lot of former Internet Explorer users and the recent release of the third generation of browser broke world records and everything. Because these things never stay still for long, Firefox 4 is already on the drawing board and the biggest brag so far is that it could provide browsing up to 20 times faster than Internet Explorer.

The speed increase will be achieved because the process of opening pages is set to be greatly optimised using an optimisation engine. In short, code like Javascript is broken down into various stages and the process of requesting and opening that data is basically memorised by the browser so that it can perform the same task from memory next time rather than having to perform the usual array of procedures.

While the complete working version with this improvement won’t be released until Firefox 4 is fully developed a lightweight, diet version of the optimisation engine is included in the forthcoming Firefox 3.1 update – while it certainly won’t offer you browsing at twenty times greater speeds than usual it should have a marked difference on your use.

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