Five unconfirmed iPhone 5s confiscated in Germany

Posted on Aug 16 2011 - 11:12am by Julius

German airport authorities have intercepted two travelers who might have had an Apple iPhone 5 in their possession.

The officers in Munster-Osnabruk Airport intercepted a pair of travelers who came from Turkey after a knife has been found in their luggage during a routine scan. After opening the said luggage, airport authorities have discovered five iPhones in their possession, some of which are fake, except one phone that looked different from the rest.

The phone was nothing like what they have seen in the past, so they believed that it was the rumored iPhone 5.

The airport officials detained the travelers and then they Apple to explain to them the matter. If the travelers were trying to bring an unannounced iPhone 5 in the country they could be prosecuted on industry spying charges.

According to the reports, the incident happened last month. Reports claim that the German customs officials are currently working with Apple in order to determine where the smartphone came from, although they did not confirm if the said iPhone was real or fake.

We have yet to hear from either the German officials or Apple about the confiscated device. It is possible that this phone was stolen from an Apple manufacturing facility, but it is more likely that this is just a third party knockoff. Given Apple Inc.’s penchant for secrecy, they might not confirm if this is real or not since acknowledging it will greatly ruin their launch plans.


via: Gizmo Crunch

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