Flip ultra camcorder takes the fun out of videos!

Posted on Oct 3 2008 - 1:30pm by David Gray

FLIPCAMERA.jpgWhile for many people the fun of using the high-tech camcorders of today is gaffs and crazy shots which end up on the machine, what about that once in a lifetime moment, your child’s first smile, a beautiful view over the hills or just one of your friends making a fool of themselves. These are the shots which are very tricky to catch as you set up your portable camcorder, type in the settings, then……oh no the moment has passed!

Not any more!

The new Flip ultra camcorder offers that perfect chance to catch those moments of a lifetime on video. Simply point the device, press play and it will work out the focus, the light and anything else it needs to capture that perfect video footage. Then when you have finished simply slide out the attached USB connector and slip it into your computer – no software required!

The Flip ultra camcorder offers 30fps, 640 x 480 resolution and 2x digital zoom as a well as a 1.5 inch TFT screen for video playback and a long range microphone and speaker. Quite how this all fits into a machine which is only 4.17 x 2.16 x 1.25 inches in dimensions is hard to understand. The Flip ultra camcorder is small and light enough to slip in your pocket, ready for that once in a lifetime shot.

The Flip ultra also comes with the option to upload your videos to YouTube and AOL at the touch of a button.

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