Float your Aqua Soundz for maximum summer relaxation

Posted on Apr 11 2009 - 4:21pm by Richard Sharp

Sometimes a gadget will be released and we just can’t wait to trial it, however this is just not going to happen over the Easter weekend for this particular audio gadget, and the fault all lies with the good old British weather. Why should that affect the use of a gadget? Well this gadget is the Aqua Soundz waterproof wireless speaker sound system, the perfect accompaniment for enjoying the wonderful summer sunshine and pool parties.

This useful audio speaker system allows for playback of MP3 players from a distance of up to 50m via the wireless technology. The Aqua Soundz waterproof wireless speaker sound system is able to float so can be bobbing up and down in the pool pumping out the stereo sounds of your favourite summer songs. Imagine the scene, you lying back on your inflatable Lilo in the swimming pool, shades on Pina Colada in hand and ‘Summertime’ by DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince thumping out in the background and the smell of barbecuing sausages wafting the air – heaven!

Now we have filled your head with the visuals for this very important summer must-have, the disappointment is all down to the weather. Still you can purchase the Aqua Soundz waterproof wireless speaker sound system for just under £40 from the Gadget Shop now, so that you have this essential bit of kit in time for when the weather does eventually pick up. Lets face it if you are really desperate to try the Aqua Soundz waterproof wireless speaker sound system out you can always float your audio boat in the bath, just go easy on the heavy bass! Failing that you can enjoy sounds from your rainy back garden, as the unit is completely waterproof you could all go outside for the cold shower – mind your sausages don’t get soggy though!

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