Fool Thieves with a Lettuce Safe

Posted on Dec 29 2013 - 11:29am by Paul

Lettuce is useful for a lot of things but its presence in the world of gadgets is sadly limited for some reason.

The lactuca sativa – we know our Latin on here and we don’t mind showing off now and then either – is great for making your burgers slightly less unhealthy and, well, that’s probably about it really. It’s just as well then that some crazed gadget maker decided that the time was right to make a lettuce based product.

To understand what this gadget is about we need to understand what a burglar would and wouldn’t do if he broke into your house. For a start, he is unlikely to go into your kitchen, open the fridge and think, “I might make myself a burger while I am stealing stuff, but I don’t want it to be too unhealthy”.

An Iceberg Lettuce Safe, to Be Exact

lettuceThat’s right; we are talking about lettuce safes here. Safes that look like lettuces, to be even more exact. Fans of lettuce trivia will be pleased to learn that the exact type used is the ever popular Iceberg variety. However, this one has a hidden compartment where you can stash away money, jewels and your iPhone. You can even put another, smaller lettuce inside it if you want to, although we can think of no sensible reason for doing this.

The bottom of the fake leafy vegetable opens up, giving you an opening of 1.75” in which you can cram all sorts of stuff. In terms of the cost, you are looking at $99, which works out as a surprisingly expensive £60. We feel silly even saying this but if you aren’t going to put stuff worth more than £60 in it then it probably isn’t a great investment.

What would you put in your lettuce decoy safe?


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