Formula 1 Hybrid Power : F1 Pit Lane to be Electric Powered?

Posted on May 1 2011 - 12:54pm by Robert

An interesting change to how Formula One cars run is on the cards. From the 2013 season the FIA governing body is going to bring in a new hybrid system.

Adam Parr is the boss of the Williams team and he says that this will allow the drivers so switch onto electric power for their time in the pits.

Some crucial figures in F1 such as Bernie Eccleston and the head of Ferrari are known to have doubts about introducing too much electric power because of the perceived drop in performance and the effect of diminishing the levels of crowd pleasing engine roaring.

However, it seems that this is the way forward and in fact F1 already has the KERS system in place. This is the kinetic energy recovery system which is part electric and part petrol driven and which gives a short, sharp power boost for overtaking situations.

Another point to consider is how these changes will filter down to road cars, as a lot of modern every day features started off in F1 before being passed down to normal road vehicles. In theory this change seems to be a reverse take on the situation, with F1 cars taking on conventional technology. However, what they do with and how they get more out of it is sure to be of keen interest to makers of family vehicles.

kers is already used F1 will Hybrid engines be next?

The message which this sends out to fans about the cool factor of hybrid vehicles could also be important in helping the overall acceptance of their more ecologically friendly vehicles.

What do you think? Would you miss the roaring engines or do you think that it is a small price to pay for cleaner power?

Source: James Allen on F1 via Cnet

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