Formula Zero Racing

Posted on Aug 26 2008 - 3:28pm by Richard Sharp

Formula Zero KartsThe red car and the blue car had a race… but it was the zero emissions, hydrogen fuelled, formula zero car that won. Rotterdam was the venue for the first ever formula zero race featuring hydrogen powered carts cleanly zipping around a track and the result was impressive to say the least. The event is already recognised by the FIA as being an official motorsport race and various events were held including sprint races and endurance races.

The sprint race was won by the Spanish team EuplatecH2 clocking up a time of 36 seconds while Delft University from Holland won the rather nauseatingly titled zeroth place in the endurance event Teams from five countries including the UK took part in the event over the weekend and because it proved such a success it looks highly likely that the new event will continue.

Four similar kart races are planned for 2009 while it is expected that the zero emissions formula, as it were, will develop into formula three and then full size racing classes too. Of course, it begs the question of just what kind of transporter they use to get the karts to the event because if they stick the kart in the back of a transit that bilges out hideous emissions it’s kid of defeating the ethos of the event.

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