Freecom USB Clip Review: Combines Paper and Data

Posted on May 6 2011 - 3:47pm by Richard Sharp

USB Sticks are now a daily part of most people’s lives and come in all shapes and sizes, we get sent press releases and sometimes actual USB sticks to test out. Some are run-of-the-mill whilst others offer something that little bit extra. This USB stick/Paper clip by Freecom offers a nice blend of design and function which aims to bring the traditional paperwork into the digital age, Freecom kindly sent us one so we could take a closer look.


The USB Clip was designed by Armin Emami and actually won the Red Dot Best of the Best award in 2010 which Freecom claim makes it one of the most recognised USB sticks on the market today. In that respect we’d have to agree as we’ve not come across such an eye catching design before.

The clip can hold around 5-10 pieces of paper and offers a robust design that takes a lot of punishment, the USB Clip comes in a number of different capacities starting at 2GB topping out at a very handy 32GB. Prices start at £9.99 for the 2GB version, although this isn’t the cheapest USB stick on the block it is one of the coolest and could provide the extra touch you need to grab a clients’ attention when presenting documents or just to have something stylish and different for personal use.

Our Verdict

We really like the Freecom USB Clip; its modern design may not be for everyone but offers a great way to blend paperwork with digital documents. It secures itself to documents with ease and is surprisingly sturdy so you won’t lose it like a normal paperclip (it really holds on to the paper). You could get a cheaper USB drive but it won’t look as fresh as this one or create the same impact when you slide those documents across the table.

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