Freeview Device Sales Top 60 Million Mark

Posted on Oct 7 2010 - 10:30pm by Matt Jackson

Devices that include the free to air Freeview satellite service have now sold more than 60m units according to a study by Ofcom. This includes TVs that include Freeview integrated into the design, however,  but it does make Freeview the most popular satellite TV service in the country. Freeview HD, on the other hand, has not enjoyed the same level of take up.

Freeview does have a lot going for it, and the fact that it is included in many new TV sets almost certainly helped the figures especially as every household now apparently owns an average of 2.4 TV sets each.

Another fact that has almost certainly helped Freeview is the range of models available. There are more than 100 Freeview enabled set top boxes and digital TVs available and the cheapest is available for around £10.

10.1 million households have a Freeview TV as their primary TV with a further 8.5 million households using one as their secondary TV.

Secondary Freeview TV use is probably quite high, as many people have digital or cable for their primary sets may still look for a secondary set that offers more than the typical terrestrial channel selections.

While this is undoubtedly good news for Freeview, the company behind the free satellite TV have not enjoyed a similar level of success with their HD offering as yet. Less than quarter of a million households have Freeview HD devices in their home while Freesat HD can boast 1.25 million. Things do look set to improve in this respect though as apparently 1 in 6 televisions sold this summer do include Freeview HD and virtually every 3D TV also includes the HD package.

Do you have Freeview in your home (whether you really wanted it or not)?

Do you prefer BT Vision, Cable, Sky, or Freesat?

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