French Fry Holder For Your Car

Posted on Jun 2 2008 - 9:00pm by Richard Sharp

The Fry Holder For Your CarIt is one of the most common problems that modern drivers face – where do you put your McDonalds fries when your driving back to work after your lunch? Make no mistake, this could turn out to be the most useful car gadget you ever buy. Forget about the first aid kits or the LCD traffic cones and throw away the LCD display signs and mp3 docks because the fry holder will take the crown.

The base of the fry holder fits easily and snugly into pretty much any existing cup holder (which, of course, begs the question of what to do if you have fries and a regular Coke, but we’ll ignore that niggling doubt for now). Once in place, the rubber grip means that it won’t slip around and your fries will stay in place until they’re all gone or too cold to enjoy.

In front of the fry holder is a little tray for storing your ketchup pouch as well. Now all we need is a little robotic arm that feeds you the fries while you’re driving and you might even manage to avoid the sirens for “dangerous driving”.

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