From Football Manager on Screen to Football Manager in Azerbaijan

Posted on Nov 23 2012 - 7:21pm by Thomas Sharp

You know what it’s like when you get caught up in a great season on Football Manager. The hours slips by, the dishes go unwashed and strange odours start floating up from the plate of uneaten stuff you completely forget about just as you sneaked past Huddersfield in an FA Cup replay.

Yes, Football Manager can take over your life but can it give you a new career? Well, it seems as though it can if you go to Azerbaijan to try out your fledgling football management career. Word has come out of the Caucasian country (where Tony Adams has been working as a manager) that the new manager of FC Baku was picked due to his computer experience.

Jean Pierre Who?

Can you imagine this decision being made by your club’s owners? It seems that a rival for the job was Jean Pierre Papin, who once won the European Footballer of the Year Award and has been in charge of teams who play in the real world.

However, the application of 21 year old Vugar Guloglan Iglu Huseynadze stood out from the rest.  This is clearly the chap needed to take on Tony Adam’s Gabala team. After all, he has been playing Football Manager for the last 10 years.

FC Baku won the Azerbaijan Cup in 2012 but are said to be close to the relegation positions this season. Will the young chap’s tactical nous and fast typing skills save the day?

Anyway, it might be time to send off an application to NASA for the next space mission and tell them about your high score on Jet Pac on your Spectrum all those years ago.

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