Funky New Wine Can Design

Posted on Jul 22 2008 - 1:07am by Richard Sharp

Wine Can DesignI know that wine in cans has been done to varying degrees of success, but if wine makers want to make their drinks trendier then they should consider these cans that are, to my mind, reminiscent of tear gas cannisters. If you’ve ever drank cheap dry white wine, then they’ll probably appreciate that it has roughly the same eye watering and nerve stunning effects too.

Apparently, it’s only a prototype because no wine producer or manufacturer has taken up the design to house their own drinks but I, for one, would be more inclined to purchase wine if it were to offer these as their chosen receptacle. As well as not being entirely dissimilar to military projectiles they also have a certain look of Calor gas cannister about them.

Apparently, as with everything nowadays, they are recyclable so they can go in the chosen container for recyclable cans in your area (it’s blue bins for us but green buckets for others down the road). You’re probably never going to see your high class tipples on the shelves of your local off licenses in these cans but I for one would welcome the move if it were to happen.

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