G-Form Extreme sleeve for iPad gets an update

Posted on Jul 7 2011 - 6:51pm by Robert

G-Form has released the second version of its Extreme Sleeve for the iPad, with an added protection and expanded interior to accommodate the new iPad 2.

As previously reported, the first version of the sleeve is covered in “Halo-esk angles” that helps spread the force upon impact when your iPad or MacBook drops from a height of 500 feet.

The G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2 is a lightweight sleeve that has Reactive Protection Technology (RPT) layer under its zipper for more impact protection. The only big difference here is the RPT layer that can absorb more impact when dropped on the sides.

The Extreme Sleeve 2 is also water resistant. So, if you decide to throw your iPad in the sea, the sleeve will still give it its needed protection. When I saw it in action in a video, I was surprised how well it worked. Imagine the horror if you accidentally drop a 12-pound bowling ball on your device or accidentally dropping it from a high place. Well, those have been tried, ladies and gentlemen, and the devices still work wonders. With the addition of the RPT, it will give your device the ultimate protection.

If you already have a G-Form Extreve sleeve and want to upgrade to the second version, you can do it for free. G-Form Innovations Manager Thom Cafaro said that they wanted to “reward our early adopters.”

The case costs around £45 and is available in black or yellow. You can check out the G-Form Extreme Sleeve in action here.

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