Gadget Show Live 2011 to Showcase Duke Nukem Forever

Posted on Apr 11 2011 - 8:42pm by Thomas Sharp

The Gadget Show Live starts tomorrow with a press day and yours truly will be attending to try out and generally play with all the technology on hand. Interestingly this year’s show is actually being used to launch a few new pieces of tech, in particular games. On the weekend we talked about the Game stand which will be showcasing the brand new Pirates of the Caribbean Lego game and Gears of War 3. Today we have learned that games developer 2K will also be showing up to unveil Duke Nukem Forever. In fact it will be on show until 17th April.

Gadget lovers who are lucky enough to be attending will be amongst the first in the world to play the game out in the public domain but not only that they will be able to get their mitts on some exclusive merchandise from the show. If you manage to win challenges at the show you could win T-Shirts, badges, posters and perhaps even one of the first copies of the game.

So if you are attending the Gadget Show live, A. make sure you check out the 2k stand and B. hop right back on here and let us know how you get on. As always we will be tweeting and reporting directly from the show tomorrow.

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