Gadgets and Gizmos are thinking of applying to MI5

Posted on Apr 18 2009 - 9:50pm by Richard Sharp

q_gadgetsIt’s not often at Gadgets and Gizmos that we consider the option of alternative employment, however that may be about to change. We love it here at Gadgets and Gizmos, we really enjoy supplying you or wonderful readers with all the up to the minute news on the latest must have technology and gadget industry developments. The news however that MI5 are recruiting a Gadgets and Gizmos expert has us dusting of our CV’s and polishing up on our interview techniques.

Apparently MI5 are looking for the equivalent of James Bond’s ‘Q’, and quite frankly every one of us in the office feels we have the necessary qualities to fill the post. How true that there is a vacancy in MI5 remains to be seen, however just to be on the safe side we are all going to send in our applications for the post of Chief Scientific Advisor, the closing date should you be interested is the 24th April.

The current role is being touted in certain publications as being very similar to that of Q in James Bond and that the Chief Scientific Advisor will be involved in the development of gadget.s However MI5 themselves say that there is a part time position available for team leader with ‘world class scientific expertise’.

Of course it’s not a foregone conclusion that one of the team will be selected for the MI5 role, but if we could just ask if including hidden weapons in an Aston martin, tinkering with an Omega Seamaster and the possibility of packing a Walther PPK are all part of the job spec required by MI5? Also any chance that we can interview the equivalent of the Bond girls please that would be great!

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