Gadgets To Include Embedded SD Storage

Posted on Sep 15 2008 - 12:30am by Richard Sharp

Embedded SD MemorySD Cards have become increasingly commonplace in an array of gadgets and electronic goods and the news is that even more of our handheld and portable devices are going to be given the added flexibility that compact storage has to offer thanks to the integration of embedded SD storage into many devices. This means that rather than the current limitations in onboard storage will be lifted from a few MB to up to 32GB as well as the capacity of the removable SD card.

The new standard is set to be first released in November but it may take some time before we see it creeping into the latest lines. Considering how many months of planning, design and development typically go into a new mobile phone, digital camera, or camcorder it may be some time after the release of the standards that we really get to take advantage.

Increased onboard storage of up to 32GB could be combined with high capacity SD cards offering a similar capacity of storage. The move is widely praised as being a good one and the take up is such that it shouldn’t prove too long before manufacturers are integrating the new technology into their designs (here’s hoping anyway).

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