Galileo Sol Dive Computer Review

Posted on Jul 7 2010 - 11:39am by Richard Sharp

The good people at Uwatec are serious about dive technology, that much is clear from the specification on this Galileo Sol Dive Computer which they have designed.


The little machine is waterproof up to over 1000 feet and comes with an extra large display screen. The designers have also spent a good bit of time on making this dive computer compact and attractive as well as functional.


This isn’t for giving to the kids to play with while they splash about in Margate. The Galileo Sol Dive Computer comes with the kind of things which serious divers need in order to stay safe at the bottom of the sea, namely;

1)    POLAR Heart Rate Monitoring System.

2)    Oxygen update. The important point here is that the time which it tells you is left is based upon your current consumption rate rather than a standard figure.

3)    User replaceable battery.

4)    Full Tilt Compass with Bearing Memory.


For serious divers only, and even then the hefty price tag and amount of features probably makes its market even more limited.  

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