Gamer’s Broadband Released As Defence Secretary Slams Medal Of Honor Game

Posted on Aug 25 2010 - 10:43am by Matt Jackson

World of Warcraft and XBox Live addicts are getting a new hypodermic needle to fill their craving bodies with more online gaming as Demon Internet is releasing a new gamers’ priority Broadband package. Gaming traffic is given priority with the £22 per month package which means that there should be a lot less lag and fewer interruptions while playing favourite online games. For anybody that’s got caught out with dodgy buffering in the midst of a round of Call of Duty will testify it could just be the icing on the cake.

Installation of the new package costs gamers £30 but there is a limit on bandwidth or usage. 100GB a month should be ample even for the heavy gamers and the restriction “only” applies during the hours of 8am and 11pm when most gamers are presumably enjoying their much needed rest ready for another all night gaming session.

One game that you may not be able to play through the new service, at least if defence secretary Liam Fox has his way, is the new Medal of Honor game. Fox has branded the title as unBritish under the misguided belief that players are rewarded for fighting as the Taliban and killing British soldiers.

The latest MOH title is another realistic title this time taking on the Taliban and the war in Afghanistan. The game is an 18 rated title and the single player campaign sees gamers playing as US soldiers attempting to fight and ultimately defeat the Taliban.

One thing Fox should have considered before urging retailers to stop selling the title is that the game is US manufactured and, as is tradition, it is short sighted enough to exclude all but the US from the allies side. Players can play as the Taliban in multiplayer as the game takes on the traditional route of pitting player against player so Taliban vs the US it is.

Will you play as the Talian in the new Medal of Honor game?

Will you fork out £30 installation and £22 per month for the gamer’s broadband package?

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