Games Of The Month For June 2009

Posted on Jun 1 2009 - 12:05am by Richard Sharp

The Summer gaming period is fast approaching and there are some new faces in amongst the usual smattering of old titles.

red-factionRed Faction: Guerrilla
The original Red Faction was one of the most interesting if not the best early release for the PlayStation 2, bringing in the first fully destructible environments in a First Person Shooter. This, the latest in the series, takes things away from dank space corridors and into wide open battle arenas, but again with a focus on big scale destruction and space bound madness.





the-sims-3-03-lThe Sims 3
The thirds in this incredibly popular series which has in the past relied on user generated content to power and perpetuate its popularity. It’s the ultimate life simulator, and you can control the fate of whole neighbourhoods from the cradle to the grave. For some, heaven, for others, tedium.




Getting a cross platform release in June, this is an interesting third person action title starring a shape shifting protagonist. Players will be able to take on the abilities of everyone they meet, and whether this will result in too much variety and not enough character empathy remains to be seen.

batmanBatman: Arkham Asylum
There hasn’t been a good Batman video game in years, but with Arkham Asylum the Dark Knight is expected to show his dark side once more. Taking on all of his famous foes once more in a lunatic asylum should at least add an edge to what could just be another third person action title.



ghostbustersthegameGhostbusters: The Videogame
Another famous franchise from the silver screen gets a reboot in June, this time with most of the original cast adding their voice and writing talents to the mix. With plenty of over the shoulder Gears of War style action, this time with anti-ghost plasma guns, the main story should at least provide a few laughs. There’s also multiplayer which should hopefully keep people coming back for more after the single player campaign has run its course.



street-fighter-4-01aStreet Fighter 4
Having already been released on console a few months ago, the PC audience is finally getting a taste of old school fighting with a new school look. Expect the controls to be rubbish on anything other than a USB Xbox 360 controller, and don’t expect a lot of game modes. However, I’m sure you’ve already made up your mind as to whether you want this game or not.




transformers_revenge_of_the_fallenTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen
With the release of the new movie this summer comes the game of the same name. The first game which attempted to recreate the spectacle of the first movie fell on its face because of bland gameplay and boring missions, but this second attempt will hopefully learn from past mistakes. Even PS2 owners will be able to get a part of the mass destructive action, though only the latest consoles will be able to do the visuals any HD justice.


resident evil coverResident Evil Archives: Resident Evil
I’m sure many Wii owners will despair as yet another rehash of an old game is released on their system, though this time it’s a remake of a remake with added Wii controls. Taking the excellent Gamecube re-envisioning of the original 1996 title and whacking on motion controls may seem lazy, but at least it’s being done to an already decent title.







overlord202Overlord 2
Taking fantast action to owners of all platforms, this sequel promises plenty more demons at your bidding in an evolution of the genre that Dungeon Keeper created over a decade ago. Incorporating elements of role playing, strategy and action packaged with tongue firmly in cheek this will appeal to more people than you might think, though whether this will translate into sales remains to be seen.



tom-clancy-s-splinter-cell-conviction-1Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction
This series has gone through so many twists and changes that it’s hard to tell who the lead character Sam Fisher works for any more. This time it’s all about daylight stealthing to help uncover a mole within his organisation as well as keeping his nearest and dearest safe from harm once more. Despite the convoluted plot stealth fans will be glad to see the genre back on track after Metal Gear Solid 4 forgot what kind of game it was trying to be.



Tales of Vesperia
Japanese style RPGs are struggling to find a foothold in the already crowded Western RPG market, though this Xbox 360 exclusive hopes to change all that. Art design and character development go hand in hand with action and magic in what critics are already hailing as a break through game. The phrase ‘don’t count your chickens’ comes to mind.

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