Gamestick Launch Delayed Until June

Posted on Apr 11 2013 - 9:16pm by Robert

Those gamers who are waiting patiently for their Gamestick would be well advised not to hold their breath while doing so. The release of the handheld console which was designed in the UK has been put back, reportedly due to “high demand”.

This new gaming device is Android based and was started off by a Kickstarter crowd funding launch, just like the Ouya console. The launch date for the Gamestick console has now been put back to June of this year, according to the manufacturer Playjam.

In fact, the company’s statement on the matter of the release date said that the Gamestick has been a victim of the success which they have created. The new product is only going to be going on sale in the UK at Game shops, while there are similar deals with other outlets in the 26 different countries where it is also going to be offered for sale.

A Higher Volume of Production

stickThe initial Kickstarter funding which the Gamestick attracted was a very healthy £392,000, thanks to a total of 5,691 backers stumping up cash to back the idea. The statement which Playjam issued for those backers said that the production needs has risen from “a few thousand units to tens of thousands of units”. Because of this they have felt the need to move to “high volume tooling”.

Of course, with some other games consoles already in the market and the like of the Ouya having a head start it will be interesting to see whether this delay turns out to costly.

Are you keen to try the Gamestick soon?

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