Genius launches its Wizard Stick controller for PC

Posted on Aug 26 2011 - 11:37pm by Thomas Sharp

Computer peripheral and consumer electronics manufacturer Genius has released a new PC peripheral called the Wizard Stick Wireless Motion Joystick. This device is a wireless games controller, much like the Wii controller and the PlayStation Move, that can be used to put the fun back into computer gaming.

The motion sensitive Wizard Stick is connected wirelessly to PCs, enabling unprecedented control of applications and games by waving or moving the controller in the air. The Wizard Stick can also be used like a conventional controller. The device includes the AIWI gaming platform, which includes 16 flash games that can be played on the AIWI website. This controller even comes with a copy of Sega’s Virtua Tennis 2009, from the critically-acclaimed Virtua Tennis series.

The Genius Wizard Stick enables players to play standing up and really get into the game rather than just sitting in front of the computer. The Wizard Stick works by connecting wirelessly to a small receiver that plugs into any USB 2.0 socket.

The package also comes with the downloadable AIWI software, which can turn any Android phone, iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless motion controller for multiplayer gaming. The Wizard Stick also features an “air mouse mode,” where the device can be used to control the mouse cursor with the device.

The Genius Wizard Stick runs on two AA-sized batteries and comes with a wrist strap.

The Genius Wizard Stick Wireless Motion Joystick has a suggested retail price of £37 ($59.90) and is available now.


via: Genius

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