Get 1 Million Facebook Likes and I’ll Marry You Says Fiancée

Posted on Feb 17 2011 - 11:38pm by Richard Sharp

Yes you read the title correctly; a mother of four from Swindon has been challenged to raise one million Facebook likes by her fiancée of ten years. If she manages it he has agreed to finally answer her pleas to get married.

Kelly Coxhead has dreams of getting married to fiancée Paul Mapplethorpe on 11/11/11 giving her just over ten months to complete the task, needless to say the big day will need planning so she plans to fulfill the quota as quickly as possible.

Miss. Coxhead set up the Facebook page entitled ‘I need 1 million people to join for Paul to marry me c’mon guys help me lol’.

Kelly said yesterday: “We’ve been engaged for 10 years and I think it’s time he walked me down the aisle. She added yesterday he has asked me and that was 10 years ago, we did book a date for 2 years ago (the papers got it wrong they said last year) but unfortunally [sic] his dad sadly passed away, I AM NOT forcing Paul into marriage”.

The campaign has gotten off to a slow start, at the last count there were just fewer than 26,000 likes on the page so there is way to go yet. Some users have shunned the page; one user said “Personally I don’t think she should marry him!!! He’s not worth it if it takes this”. Whilst others obviously support it. Either way it’s a good talking point and one that we are sure will have a happy ending one way or another.

 What’s your take? Misguided romance, a bit of fun or something else?

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