Get a Good Night´s Sleep and Some Romance Thanks to a Smart Lamp

Posted on Jan 18 2015 - 9:00am by Robert

We can always count on the CES show to throw up some fascinating new gadgets and this year´s event has proved no exception.

Among the array of exciting new devices on show in Las Vegas this time around is the Smart Lamp and Sleep Companion from a company called Holi.

This is basically a coloured light that you can control using your smartphone. So why would you want something like? To sleep a whole lot better, of course.

The idea is that the Smart Lamp uses warm colours like red and pink to help lull you off to a good night´s sleep. Then in the morning you get a blue tone to help you wake up and get started on another day.

Red and Pink to Sleep, Blue to Wake Up


According to the manufacturers, the red and pink colours help the body to release the hormone melatonin, which is necessary to get to sleep. Later on the blue helps your body to wake up before the alarm clock even goes off.

Light sleepers will be pleased to see that there is also a special meditation programme which is designed to help you nod off again if you wake up during the night. This works by running through a 7 minute sequence of colours. However, sadly it won´t work on babies who wake up during the night.

Other features of the lamp include the way it uses your phone´s microphone to monitor sound levels in the bedroom. The data gathered on your sleeping environment can then be accessed and shared in a number of different ways. Additionally, the romance setting gives you the sort of soft lighting that put getting to sleep into second place.

Could you use a lamp like this to enjoy a better night´s sleep (or romance?)


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