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Posted on Jul 22 2008 - 12:41am by Richard Sharp

P2P Next TrialSo the title reads a lot like one of the twenty emails you have to delete every morning, but P2P Next is a genuine project that is being established to determine the efficacy of offering streaming TV over the Internet. The technology works in a similar manner to torrent download sites whereby the end user downloads packets of data from other people’s computers and is able to watch streaming TV and video on their PC.

P2P Next are looking for individuals with a broadband connection of 600kbps or better to download the software and help them trial it. Unfortunately, the selection is limited at best, as this really is only a trial of the software at present – you can, however, watch a pre-recorded BBC test show or watch a free webcam of Amsterdam (outside, not inside, before you get your hopes up). More expansive trials are planned for the future.

The BBC iPlayer is probably the most well known and wide used of online TV services and enables UK Internet users to watch BBC TV shows that have aired over the past week. Other major terrestrial television services, including ITV, Channel, and Five, also have their own On Demand type services.

The P2P Next service, and others like it, will offer their own unique content and completely different shows and schedules to the major network channels. While many Beta tests are limited in number, the point of the P2P Next trial is to test the software and network under considerable strain so they are looking for thousands of users from across the country – you can download the software and start the trial by visiting the P2P Next trial website.

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