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Posted on Mar 31 2009 - 9:48pm by Richard Sharp

If you have a lot of vinyl in your music collection then you may wish to invest in a USB turntable, it is certainly a sensible option for anyone that has piles of much loved vinyl classics gathering dust and now never played. Of course there is always the ebay or car boot sale option, but then why get rid of all those lovely memorable records just because technology has moved on. The latest must have for the music aficionado is the ION USB turntable; this excellent audio product is an ideal solution to allow you to still enjoy older formats via the very latest of technology.

This clever turntable allows for the conversion of all your favourite music in your record collection 33.3 and 45 RPM (78’s can also be converted but it takes a little more effort to do so) to be converted to MP3, just a simple case of connecting to your pc via the USB and running the software and Bob’s your auntie! The turntable is also able to be connected to your home stereo system where it can be used as a conventional turntable, so that you can still enjoy the crackles and hisses as vinyl truly intended.

For the iPod user there is the ION iPod USB turntable which has also the useful features of the original ION USB turntable but with the ability to transfer onto your iPod via the docking system. This turntable is compatible with all the latest iPod video models as well as the second and third generation nano’s.

The average retail price for the original ION USB turntable is just under £100, this turntable is without doubt backward compatibility at its best and with a very affordable price tag too!

ION Audio USB Turntable with Direct-to-Digital Conversion – Save £30 Web Exclusive

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