Gibson to launch the revolutionary Firebird X guitar

Posted on Sep 30 2011 - 12:07am by Robert

US-based guitar manufacturer Gibson is set to unleash an innovative limited edition guitar at the end of this month. The Gibson Firebird X is another attempt of the guitar company to incorporate modern technology to traditional electric guitars, packing it with automatic tuners, effects and Bluetooth. The guitar can also run third party apps that can be downloaded via the company’s own app store.

In 2007, Gibson launched its first “robot” guitar, which features motorized tuners that could tune the instrument to different tunings without human intervention. Now, with the Firebird X, Gibson seems to be putting everything in this bad boy, including three mini-humbucker pickups, a bridge piezo pickup, fourth-generation automatic tuning technology, and a number of built-in effects.

The Firebird X retains the classic and elegant look of the Firebird guitar, but it stuffs innards that packs enough technology that will make the most technologically sound instrument look like a toy. The guitar even has system requirements for Mac OS X and Windows 7.

According to the Gibson website, the guitar has 20 revolutionary features, including the GoldTone Switching Technology that emulates guitar tones with “analog technology — not digital modeling,” Revolutionary acoustic guitar sounds that can create the sound of Gibson’s J-45 acoustic guitar when plugged in, customizable patches and its open architecture for third party developers.

The Firebird X comes with a software developer that will enable guitarists create patches and play with the overall sound of the guitar.

The Firebird X will be shipped to select guitar stores on September 30, and will have a price tag of $5,570. If you want to get hold of this revolutionary guitar, you should get your money ready as early as now because only 1800 Firebird X units will be made.


via: Gibson

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