Give a PlayStation Massage to Someone Special

Posted on Oct 27 2013 - 5:33pm by Thomas Sharp

Sometimes in life you need to make a choice between treating your partner to something special or playing some games on your PlayStation. It’s a tough choice or at least it used to be, until some genius came up with the frankly insane idea of turning the PlayStation controller into a jacket. The jacket helps you give massages while you play you play your favourite games.

The idea is really very simple. As your long suffering partner sighs when you whip out the PlayStation again you delight them by putting a soft and flexible vest type jacket on them. Actually, they probably won’t be delighted at this stage but they don’t know what it does yet.

Kill, Maim, Score Goals and Massage

massaheYou see, the buttons for controlling the action are embedded inside the back of the jacket. This means that as you kill random monsters, steal cars and score 30 yard overhead kicks you treat your loved one to an exciting if slightly frenetic massage. It works by noting the moves you make with your hands on the jacket and then passing them onto the game.  The more complex and varied your moves the better the massage.

The jacket is called Massage Me and it works on a hacked PlayStation and might even work on other consoles too. There’s just one small problem, though. You can’t buy it anywhere. Actually, that sounds more like a major setback rather than a small problem, if we are being honest.

The good news is that you can online to the site of the creators and find out how to make your own Massage Me vest, hook it up and hack your PlayStation.


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