Glo Nightlight keeps monsters away at night

Posted on Sep 21 2011 - 6:36pm by Julius

As a kid, sleeping in darkness is a no no as the dark invites monsters. However, sleeping with the lights on is such a hassle because, really, it is hard to sleep in a brightly lit room. Now, Boon Inc. created a very stylish solution to this little problem: the Glo Nightlight.

The Glo Nightlight, a cool nightlight with an alien-inspired appearance, can hold three balls that glow when placed on top of it. The product’s base charges the balls up so whenever a child feels that monsters are lurking in the bedroom, he can just place the balls to light up the room. They can remove it to their desired dimness whenever they want.

What’s good about these balls is they are effective sources of light that are not too disruptive. Children can play with the balls and feel safe when going to sleep, making parents happy.

The Glo Nightlight’s three towers feature a removable ball that can glow in one of six different colors. Users can set the device to continuously cycle through different color palette. The balls, which are charged by putting them on the towers, can glow for up to 30 minutes when removed. These balls are safe to be used by children as they are BpA, PVC and Phthalate free.

No pricing information has been revealed by the company yet. Seeing that there are no complicated tech here, it should not cost too much when released.


via: Boon Inc.

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