Global Warming Mug

Posted on Nov 17 2008 - 1:18pm by David Gray

EARTHMUG.gifThis Global Warming Mug offers a very different angle on what is a very serious situation for the whole wide world. Whether you take the mug as tongue in cheek, making fun of a serious situation or just a useful gadget the point is it has caught the attention of many gadget lovers around the world and anything which can increase the awareness of global warming cannot do any harm.

The mug itself shows a map of the world complete with seas which change when the mug is hot. By simply pouring your hot beverage into the cup this will see the current link change colour and demonstrate how global warming will affect the various countries of the world, diminishing their land mass substantially.

Due to a thermochromatic printing technology the inks used will change colour depending on the overall temperature of the mug. It is very interesting to see how global warming will likely impact upon the nations of the world and this fairly accurate map is a reminder to us all. How often do we see gizmos and gadgets mixed with the green revolution of today?

This is a fairly unique gadget but one which carries a serious point of discussion.

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