Glow Graffiti

Posted on Jan 14 2009 - 10:39am by David Gray

aspray.jpgNext time you walk up and down the street and see the artwork of young vandals across the wall you may be tempted to pick up your own can of Glow Graffiti and test out your ideas at home!

This amazing can of Glow Graffiti comes with its own sheet of specially conditioned material which you simply hang on your wall or on the back of the door. Then all you need to do is simply pick up the can of Glow Graffiti and start to spray, letting your artistic talents come to the fore. However, while you look around to see exactly how it works you will notice that nothing comes out of the tin, no chemicals, no paint just dim lights and your artwork. It works by releasing ultraviolet LED rays onto the specially treated material which will then replicate your artwork and images. The accuracy of the spray can is surprisingly good and literally gives you total control.

When you consider that there are no harmful substances involved, the material you spray your design upon can be cleaned and there is no damage to the environment this really is the perfect gift for man or boy, girl or lady. Simply sit back, let your artistic preferences come to the fore and spray away!

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