Glowing reindeer mug

Posted on Nov 14 2008 - 11:11am by David Gray

reindeer.gifAs we approach the festive season we thought we would bring you yet another festive gizmo and gadget, one for all the family. Check out this glowing reindeer mug which is sure to catch attention of both young and old and put a smile on faces as you await the arrival of old Father Christmas.

They said that Rudolph had a red nose and now we know why!

This unique glowing reindeer mug has a heat sensitive nose which changes colour from black to red when a hot beverage is placed within the mug. Picture the scene, Christmas Eve family by the fireside listening to old Christmas tunes with the lights down. Step forward mother and father with a tray of hot chocolate in your new glowing reindeer mug (or Ovaltine for those a little older!), red noses, Rudolph and Christmas everywhere.

As we approach the Christmas period we are seeing more and more festive gizmos and gadgets hit the market and while some are dubious there are others such as the glowing reindeer mug which would catch the eye of children as they wait for the big day. As a side note, the glowing reindeer mug will also let you know when your coffee is cold!

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