Glowing Shot Glasses

Posted on Nov 18 2008 - 5:11am by David Gray

GLOWSHOTS.jpgPicture the scene, Christmas, birthdays or a special occasion and you have a few friends around for a few drinks. What can you give them with their celebration drink which is a little different to the norm and something they will remember?

Get out the Glowing Shot Glasses and you can guarantee they will remember these for some time to come. These glasses come in sets of seven which are all different colours however, the colours only show when the glass is full of a beverage and when the glass is empty the light goes off. These little beauties are battery operated, easy-to-use and very easy to wash. No messing, no waste and the perfect drinking game whether it be an alcoholic beverage or a soft drink.

For best results it is advisable to play the game with dimmed lights or in the dark where the effect of the coloured glasses and lighting will be most prominent. It is also advisable to use translucent liquids which will allow the colour from the lights to penetrate the glass and circulate the room.

Whether you are looking for a drinking game with a difference, perhaps a novel ornament or something for the kids to use at Christmas time, the Glowing Shot Glasses will certainly catch their eye.

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