Gocycle Electric Bike Review

Posted on Jul 26 2010 - 8:10am by Rob

Do you like cycling? Would you like to occasionally take a rest from pedalling and let the bike take the strain? Are you environmentally friendly? Let’s read on and see if you are a candidate for the Gocycle electric bike.


It’s no Sinclair C5, but if you are the shy, retiring type who doesn’t like to turn heads then you might prefer to avoid this attention-grabber. The white trim, 20 inch wheels and sporty design make it an attractive, one off design. It looks like a bike crossed with an ipod, the lines are curved but sleek and everything ugly is encased in a shiny reinforced body. The whole thing weighs a little over 16 kilos, the addition of the battery obviously making it heavier than the majority of the bike competition.

Notable Specifications

The motor is of the 25w variety and there is a 3 speed gearbox which makes it suitable for cycling up or down slopes with ease. Using the motor will give you a maximum speed of around 15mph, which in cycling terms is pretty quick. While manual pedalling should let you get up a fair head of steam it certainly isn’t the fastest bike this side of Beijing.

A fully charged battery will give you around 3 and a half hours of power. The recharger isn’t particularly portable, so you should make sure it is fully recharged before toddling off long distances, the go cycles range is 20 miles so if you live in town this should be plenty to get to and back from the office.


It’s not cheap, this one. Around 1500 quid is the going rate for a Gocycle electric bike, however when compared to other electric cycles the price actually isn’t that high.


Environmentally aware commuters. Definitely.

Professional cyclists. Not really.

Outdoors lovers who know that a good rest is sometimes the best exercise. Of course.

Gadget fans who like to draw a crowd and be ahead of the game. Undoubtedly.

Henry, the mild mannered janitor. Could be.

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